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2100 Series

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The 2100 series STRIPSWITCH® is a P.C. board mounted thumbwheel switch, combining direct decimal to binary conversion in a compact, easy to use package.

The 2100 series may be ordered in assemblies of one to four switches on a single terminal board. By mounting as a single unit the 2100 series reduces assembly time and costs. The 2100 series offers 10 legend locations, screwdriver or thumbwheel adjustment, or optional extended shafts to accommodate any design specifications.

Also offered are a wide variety of 10 and 16 position binary and decimal codes to address any memory device. Optional stop pins and custom rotor markings are also available.

This low cost operator interface is covered by EECO's EXCLUSIVE LIFETIME WARRANTY.

2700 Series
The 2700 series combines the many advanced features of the original 2100 series STRIPSWITCH® in a fully sealed package suitable for automated soldering and cleaning processes.