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Headquarters: Brea, California

Founded in 1947 as the Electronic Engineering Company of California, EECO was one of the earliest electronics manufacturing companies to locate in Orange County, California.  EECO has been an innovator and pioneer in such diverse industries as videotape editing equipment, passenger entertainment systems for aircraft, and computer systems for the hotel industry.

As a leader in binary-coded switches, EECO developed a wide variety of thumbwheel switches and introduced the STRIPSWITCH® and Micro-DIP® printed circuit-board-mounted coded switches.  EECO is also one of the oldest membrane switch manufacturers, with over 30 years of experience.

In 1993 Transico, Inc. purchased the EECO Switch Division.  In 2003, the company moved to its own purpose-built facility in Brea California, which serves as corporate headquarters and the manufacturing location for membrane and custom mechanical switch production.  EECO also has manufacturing facilities in Mexico, Taiwan and China as well as a sales office in Cambridge, UK (See EECO’s Manufacturing Partners, below).


EECO’s UK office, situated close to the beautiful university city of Cambridge, is the sales and distribution hub for Europe and the rest of the world outside of the Americas. From here, EECO serves customers as far afield as Japan, the Philippines and New Zealand.