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Custom Membrane Switches

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A membrane switch is a momentary switching device that is manufactured by using a series of flexible layers of polymer films and adhesives. The upper-most layer, called a graphic overlay, is manufactured by printing on the second surface of clear polyester or polycarbonate film.

EECO Switch is one of the few suppliers to offer the exper­tise and experience in all of the disciplines needed to manu­facture an attractive and reliable membrane switch. EECO now offers durable digital-graphic overlays for maximum customer appeal!

Conductive silver ink creates circuitry on another layer. Tactile devices e.g., metal domes, can easily be incorporated into the membrane switch so as to provide feedback to the operator that the switch has been activated. Other electronic components can be incorporated such as discrete LEDs, back lighting sources, ESD shields, and connectors to make membrane switches a truly integrated option.

Advantages of Membrane Switches

  • Inherent moisture resistance
  • Ease of cleaning & sanitizing
  • Lower cost
  • Ease of customizing
  • Ability to integrate graphics including logos

Modern membrane switches, although simple in concept, are in fact complex precision components. A well-designed membrane switch requires the integration of four disciplines: electrical, mechanical, chemical and graphic arts.