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1000 Series
If a front panel, binary coded switch in the smallest possible package is part of your design requirements, look no farther than the EECO 1000 series.
1100 Series
The 1100 series is a compact, low cost, panel mounted pushwheel switch featuring snap together design.
1400 Series
EECO's 1400 series switches feature snap-in front mounting in a large, easy to use package size.
1776/1976 Series
EECO's 1776 and 1976 thumbwheel switches are the standards of the industry.
1800 Series
The 1800 series thumbwheel switch features large, easy to read characters and a small price.
2000 Series
The 2000 series switch is ideal for industrial control applications.
2100 Series
The 2100 series STRIPSWITCH® is a P.C. board mounted thumbwheel switch, combining direct decimal to binary conversion in a compact, easy to use package.
2300 Series
An EECO innovation, the 2300 series MICRO-DIP® family includes the industry's only double pole rotary DIP switch.
2700 Series
The 2700 series combines the many advanced features of the original 2100 series STRIPSWITCH® in a fully sealed package suitable for automated soldering and cleaning processes.
3500 Series
The 3500 series MICRO-DIP® is a low profile, fully sealed rotary DIP switch designed for use with today's automatic soldering and cleaning processes.
4600 Series
The 4600 Series MICRO-DIP® continues the EECO tradition of innovative switch design.
4800 SMT Series
The 4800 Series is a true SURFACE MOUNT version of our popular MICRO-DIP® family.
7000 Series
The 7000 series combines heavy duty construction and a compact package size.
Custom Membrane Switches
EECO SWITCH has manufactured high quality MEMBRANE KEYPADS and assemblies for over 25 years.
Elastomer Keypads
EECO SWITCH is one of the few manufacturers of electro-mechanical switches and elastomer keypads.
Electromechanical Switches
Electromechanical switches are still recognized as one of the best and most reliable man-machine interfaces. Available through its distributors, EECO’s extensive range of switch products includes rotary-coded MicroDips®, STRIPSWITCHs® and Thumbwheels.
Thumpot Series
The THUMBPOTTM is a digital voltage divider which allows the user to set varying voltages while maintaining a constant resistance within the circuit.