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Green Silver-Through-Hole

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Our new EECO-Green™ Silver-Through-Hole (STH) Double-Sided Printed Circuit Boards are now available! Manufactured in our new, state-of the-art facility in Mainland China, EECO-Green STH printed circuit boards offer cost savings up to 25% over conventional Plated Through Hole double sided PCBs.

If you are not familiar with STH PCBs, this technology offers significant cost reductions to the customer. STH PCB technology replaces conventional double-sided plated-through-hole board designs. Silver conductive ink, applied by our proprietary silkscreen process, makes the electrical connection between the top and bottom board surfaces.

Printed STH technology is a much simpler process than expensive plating.

Also, STH permits the use of less costly board materials without sacrificing the integrity of the PCB design. Most important, our EECO-Green STH boards are completely LEAD FREE and compatible with lead free processes.
Converting to EECO-Green STH PCBs means saving money and saving the environment.