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Electromechanical Switches

Product Categories
1000 Series
If a front panel, binary coded switch in the smallest possible package is part of your design requirements, look no farther than the EECO 1000 series.
1100 Series
The 1100 series is a compact, low cost, panel mounted pushwheel switch featuring snap together design.
1400 Series
EECO's 1400 series switches feature snap-in front mounting in a large, easy to use package size.
1776/1976 Series
EECO's 1776 and 1976 thumbwheel switches are the standards of the industry.
1800 Series
The 1800 series thumbwheel switch features large, easy to read characters and a small price.
2000 Series
The 2000 series switch is ideal for industrial control applications.
2100 Series
The 2100 series STRIPSWITCH® is a P.C. board mounted thumbwheel switch, combining direct decimal to binary conversion in a compact, easy to use package.
2300 Series
An EECO innovation, the 2300 series MICRO-DIP® family includes the industry's only double pole rotary DIP switch.
2700 Series
The 2700 series combines the many advanced features of the original 2100 series STRIPSWITCH® in a fully sealed package suitable for automated soldering and cleaning processes.
3500 Series
The 3500 series MICRO-DIP® is a low profile, fully sealed rotary DIP switch designed for use with today's automatic soldering and cleaning processes.
4600 Series
The 4600 Series MICRO-DIP® continues the EECO tradition of innovative switch design.
4800 SMT Series
The 4800 Series is a true SURFACE MOUNT version of our popular MICRO-DIP® family.
7000 Series
The 7000 series combines heavy duty construction and a compact package size.
Thumpot Series
The THUMBPOTTM is a digital voltage divider which allows the user to set varying voltages while maintaining a constant resistance within the circuit.