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1100 Series

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The 1100 series is a compact, low cost, panel mounted pushwheel switch featuring snap together design.

This allows fast multi-switch assembly without the use of tools or other hardware. The 1100 series mounts from the front, making installation into the panel quick and easy. The 1100 series is offered with four actuation options. These include thumbwheel, push-set, pen-set and lock-set models.

The pen-set and lock-set models eliminate the possibility of accidentally changing switch settings. The push-set and thumbwheel models offer fast and accurate actuation in an easy to use configuration.

The 1100 series is a compact .236” (6 mm) wide and requires minimal front panel space. All 1100 series models offer binary and decimal code configurations and a dust-proof design.

Optional diode provisions and F-pins for mother board mounting are also available. This switch family is perfect for use in designs where space is limited.

The 1100 series is covered by EECO's one year warranty.