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4800 SMT Series

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The 4800 Series is a true SURFACE MOUNT version of our popular MICRO-DIP® family. Like all EECO MICRO-DIPs, the 4800 Series permits direct setting of binary-coded values for PROMs and other addressable devices. All materials used in the 4800 Series were selected to withstand surface- mount process temperatures, then engineered into a low profile, fully sealed package.

The compact dimensions of the 4800 Series require minimal P.C. board space and permit closely stacked P.C. boards. Also, the ultra low profile design permits unrestricted heat flow during installation, eliminating the possibility of shadowing adjacent components. The 4800 Series is offered in tubes or tape and reel packaging.

The 4800 Series has a one-year warranty.

The 4800 Series is the recommended replacement for the discontinued 4700 Series products.