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Elastomer Keypads

Product Categories

EECO’s elastomeric keypads are available as either conductive, or non-conductive, single or multi-colored, and in almost any shape to suit customer's individual design requirements. They may interface directly with a PCB or with a membrane-switch layer. Applications are widespread and varied.

Keypad Variations

A one-piece construction incorporating keys and keymat, available in a wide variety of colors and key shapes, with or without legends. Integral keypads are often designed to be fitted directly into a plastic bezel.


A keymat designed to act as a switching layer between plastic key tops and membrane circuit/PCB, as in a full-travel keyboard.

All EECO elastomeric keypads are compression-molded, utilizing either single cavity prototype tooling for low-volume or multi-cavity production tooling for medium and high volume to give the design engineer the most economical financial solution.

Elastomeric keypads offer the design engineer the kind of versatility and user-friendliness that can meet any and all of his, or her, design requirements.

EECO integral-type elastomeric keypads may be supplied with or without legends, with solid colors or in a natural translucent color. The latter are specified where backlighting is used, in which case the keys may be field-lighted (printed legend on translucent field) or reverse field-lighted (printed field with lighting through etched-out legend).

EECO is one of the few manufacturers of electro-mechanical switches and elastomeric keypads. Our elastomeric keypads are found in the most demanding applications worldwide. Rely on EECO for the quality and reliability your demand.

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