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TA CHIEN TECHNLOGY, Fujian, China and Taiwan

EECO Switch and Ta Chien Technology, owned by the family of EECO’s Chairman, have joined forces to provide custom high-volume printed circuit boards.

EECO features “standard” Lead-Free PTH as well as Silver-Through-Hole or Copper-Through-Hole boards which use inexpensive laminates.

Sophisticated dry-film and screen-printing processes, fully automated etching equipment and trained operators provide you with high quality, fine-line PCBs. Plus, precisely registered silkscreen printing with silver, copper, carbon and dielectric inks and jumper techniques allow the greatest PCB design flexibility.

EECO is the only USA company specializing in “Lead-Free”, Silver-Through-Hole and Copper-Through-Hole technologies to significantly lower your double-sided PCB costs.

Ta Chien was established in 1973 in Taipei City and headquartered in Taiwan and manufacturing in Mainland China. Ta Chien’s customer list includes many of the major OEMs in consumer and industrial electronics.

  • 1998 Relocated the factory to Shenzhen area, Mainland China.
  • 1999 Certificated by TUV ISO9002.
  • 2002 Certificated by TUV ISO9001-2000.
  • 2003 Increased the manufacturing facility to accommodate demand.
  • 2004 Certificated by SZEC ISO14000
  • 2008 Opened a new, expanded factory in Zhang Zhou, Fujian China, our current headquarters.

Printed silver or copper ink technology is a much simpler process than plating. To get more information, or to begin the quotation process, simply call EECO toll-free at (800) 854-3808. Or click: